INTERVENT is a global lifestyle management and chronic disease risk reduction company modified, enhanced and adapted for the Canadian market. Started in 1997 by academic researchers and scientists, INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, outcomes-oriented programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases. 

The primary purpose of the INTERVENT programs is to improve individual and population-based measures of health while simultaneously reducing health care costs and enhancing productivity. The programs provide unique solutions for employers, health insurers, health care systems, physicians, EAP providers, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, individual consumers and others. INTERVENT and its licensees serve clients in multiple countries and languages via telephone call centres and the Internet.

​INTERxVENT comprises:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Health content and tools
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes management
  • One-on-one health coaching
  • Robust analytics and outcome reporting capabilities

These components allow:

  • Individuals to achieve better health
  • Corporate licensees and other health stakeholders to determine and improve return on investment for health expenditures

To date, over 200 corporations, academic institutions and government agencies covering more than 2 million lives have used INTERxVENT programs to improve participants’ health.

Our mission has been to optimize the health of as many people as possible by providing them with affordable and cost-effective access to credible, evidence-based, lifestyle management and chronic disease risk reduction services. We've provided unique health care solutions to numerous individual consumers and hundreds of organizations.

INTERVENT is a Dynacare company, using Dynacare medical laboratories for onsite and home laboratory services.

To learn more, please contact us at: 1-888-Rx-4-SUCCESS (1-888-794-7822). 

Who We Are

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