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Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network launches online support program for chronic disease care

April 4, 2011

Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network (WBPCN) launching online support program for chronic disease care

Fort McMurray – WBPCN is introducing an online lifestyle modification program, INTERxVENT, as part of the continued comprehensive chronic disease care provided to the community of Wood Buffalo.

INTERxVENT is a comprehensive, medically-based online program intended to improve health and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease through modification in lifestyle behaviors, such as helping individuals to improve diet, increase exercise, lose weight, reduce stress, and support smoking cessation. An output of the program is to determine health risks while providing an individualized action plan comprised of tools and personal mentorship by a health care professional.

M. Jill Sporidis, Executive Director of the WBPCN, says she is pleased to implement the program as it provides patients with yet another tool to support self-care while reducing chronic disease risk factors.

“I am excited that patients in this community now have yet another resource at their disposal to improve their overall health and wellbeing through this individualized, self-help lifestyle modification program,” says Sporidis.
The program is initially rolling out with 100 Type 2 diabetic patients with the intent to expand this medical mentoring to all patients who wish to access individualized education modules.

“We are going to begin with a specific patient group so we can evaluate and assess if improvements have to be made to our internal processes and then we will continue and expand to our entire patient demographic,” explains Sporidis.
As part of their medical visit, the patient will answer a set of questions that determines a level of health risk. A report is then generated that outlines specifc areas for improvement followed by regular mentoring through telephone and internet contact by a health care professional.

Janice Bull, Nurse Program Lead for INTERxVENT, sees benefit in this program as patients receive a personal health analysis, at no cost to the patient, from which goals and an action plan for change is developed.
“The INTERxVENT program creates a unique opportunity to personalize health care which can make efforts to improve health more relevant, meaningful and lasting,” says Bull.

Saul Quint, CEO of INTERxVENT Canada, believes this program will be an asset to the health professionals in the care they provide to their patients.
“We are excited to be partnering with the WBPCN, the first Primary Care Network in Alberta. This type of program implementation highlights the commitment the WBPCN has to improving health outcomes in this community to all patients living with chronic disease,” says Quint.