Our Services


INTERVENT Canada provides a modular suite of offerings that allow organizations to tailor solutions to their needs.

These offerings include:

  • Outreach engagement to create awareness of and interest in program participation
  • Health risk assessments to stratify populations according to their health risk
  • Personalized goals and action plans to provide health targets based on risk factors
  • Educational kits to empower participants with physician-reviewed health knowledge
  • Health coaches to assist high-risk participants through phone-based health counseling
  • Individual and aggregate reporting to guide health action and decision-making


Enrol in a Weight Loss or Diabetes Management program including Labs & Biometrics paired with a Health Coach who will help you make and sustain important lifestyle changes.

No matter what your goals are – losing weight and keeping it off, exercising more, quitting smoking, reducing your risk for a chronic medical condition, living healthier with a chronic medical condition – our lifestyle / disease management health coaching programs can benefit you.

Our caring, dedicated Health Coaches are available to assist you in making the changes that are important to you at this time. They’ve worked with thousands of participants just like you. Our Coaches listen to your needs, preferences and circumstances and help you develop a plan that is individualized for you. Your Coach will support you every step of the way to better health.

Call us at 1-888-Rx-4-SUCCESS (1-888-794-7822) if you have any questions or would like to enrol over the phone.

​ (1-888-700-9344)