Key Findings

Our work has produced these key findings regarding the benefits of INTERVENT's lifestyle health coaching programs:

  • Modifies multiple behaviours
  • Produces clinically-significant results in diverse populations
  • Reduces risk factors without medications
  • Produces results similar to more expensive interventions
  • Produces better results than a health risk assessment and group education classes alone
  • Produces reproducible results in multiple locations
  • Produces equally effective results whether delivered via a call centre or in person
  • Reaches participants in rural settings

Over 100 published scientific abstracts or manuscripts, including numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and independent third-party research, have documented the effectiveness of INTERVENT's programs. The documented benefits include improvements in:  

  • Multiple risk factors
  • Clinical variables
  • Self-reported health status
  • Productivity
  • Health care utilization
  • Return on investment (ROI) 

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Our Results

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