Our Team

INTERxVENT Canada’s management team combines experience in healthcare, venture stage operations, information technology, operations and communications to deliver innovative, effective programs and services to clinicians and patients, provide dynamic leadership to employees, and build profitable relationships with partners.

Dr. Saul Quint, CEO

Saul brings nearly 30 years of clinical, entrepreneurial and management experience to his leadership of INTERxVENT Canada. Prior to this role, Saul was CEO of CareClinix, a provider of online patient information and management tools acquired by nutraceutical manufacturer Metagenics. In 1991, Saul cofounded Canadian Legal Copies, a facilities management company sold to IKON Inc. in 1996. Saul also introduced Cold-Eeze (sold as Zigg-Eeze) to the Canadian market and founded DocWalks Inc., a manufacturer and retailer of prefabricated orthotic insoles. Holding an MBBCh and a DipMid COG-SA from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, Saul has practiced medicine in Canada since 1981, running medical centres in Downsview and Bolton, Ontario.

Mel Barsky, President and COO

With more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, venture financing and information technology, Mel comes to INTERxVENT Canada from iSequent Inc., where, as President, he successfully launched this new venture’s financial services software to the investment communities in Canada, the US, Japan, England, Australia and the UK. Previously, Mel was a founding partner of Scotiabank Private Equity Investments, where, as a venture capitalist, he invested in and provided governance to private and public companies, primarily in financial services and information technology sectors. Before Scotiabank, Mel was Director of Business Development at American Express. Mel also worked in equity trading at the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mel has an MBA from Queen’s University, and is a former Director of the Queen’s University Alumni Association and Filogix Inc.

Dr. Richard Salmon, B.D.S., M.B.A., Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Salmon obtained his BDS from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and an MBA from the Judge Institute of Management at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. He is a registered Dentist in the United Kingdom and a member of the General Dental Council. At the University of the Witwatersrand he received the Jan Breyer award in Pharmacology. At the University of Cambridge, he received the Remedy Award for entrepreneurship and the KPMG award for his dissertation on customer satisfaction and its relationship to loyalty in health care.

From 1993-1997 Dr. Salmon worked in the English National Health Service in varying capacities.

Dr. Salmon co-founded INTERVENT USA, Inc. in 1997 and led all of the operations and technology development, which helped culminate in its acquisition by Nationwide Better Health (a subsidiary of Nationwide, one of the world’s largest mutual insurance and financial services companies) in April 2007. After the acquisition, Dr. Salmon served as Vice President of Product Development for Nationwide Better Health until October, 2010 from which time he focused on implementing the South African and Canadian Businesses. In 2011 he successfully led the team tasked with implementing the re-acquired systems to allow for program implementation in the USA and globally.

His current responsibilities include the operations of all technology-related products and services, including the coaching and call center platforms and interfaces. Since 2011, Dr. Salmon and his team have redeveloped new state of the-art outcomes measurement applications and tools that continue to enable INTERVENT to compile an impressive publication record.

G. Chipstead “Chip” Faircloth, Executive Vice President

Chip received a bachelor of business administration degree in finance from the University of Georgia as well as master’s degrees in business administration and health administration from Georgia State University. Chip has more than 35 years of experience as an executive with various health care organizations, with much of his career spent as a hospital and cardiology practice CEO developing and executing programs aimed at the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and cancer. At INTERVENT, Chip works primarily with developing, implementing and managing relationships with large complex clients and with developing and managing other strategic relationships with other organizations. His involvement as executive leader of an account team typically begins during the sales process, continues into the implementation process and is sustained through long-term account support and growth. In addition, Chip has detailed experience with the INTERVENT health promotion platform and programs. Chip is one of INTERVENT’s co-founders. He was involved with the formation of INTERVENT and the creation of its platform, its services and many of its relationships.

Dr. Brenda Shepherd Wright, PhD, Vice President

Brenda received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a master of education and a doctor of philosophy degrees from the University of North Texas in Denton. For more than 12 years she served as director of behavioral science and health promotion at the Cooper Institute in Dallas. With more than 30 years of experience in health promotion and disease prevention, Brenda has worked with a variety of clients and populations in the U.S. and internationally, including over 200 corporate health promotion programs. Her publication record includes numerous scientific abstracts and manuscripts, newsletters, books for lay and professional audiences and other technical works. Brenda is one of INTERVENT’s co-founders. In her past and current roles at INTERVENT, she has served as the primary author of educational and training materials and adapted materials for global audiences. Brenda has provided training and consultative services to lifestyle and disease management coaches on both subject matter content and coaching practices, particularly stages of change and motivational interviewing. As requested by specific clients, Brenda has developed customized on-site health promotion programs, such as fatigue management training for shift workers, interactive seminars and challenges/competitions, and has assisted with preparation of customized evaluation reports.

Kevin Reid, M.A., Director of Information Technology

Kevin holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. Areas of specialization include natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences. Kevin has over 30 years of IT experience in senior management, data analysis and systems design and implementation. He designed and developed commercial software and has served as a group IT manager for large UK corporations. At INTERVENT, Kevin works closely with Dr. Richard Salmon on implementation and management of our IT systems. Kevin has worked with INTERVENT for more than 14 years and was instrumental in establishing the design and implementation of the INTERVENT SQL database in 2001. Much of the original design is still very relevant and appropriate for today’s market.Type your paragraph here.

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