INTERVENT Canada supports its health and wellness programs with services that encourage program utilization, program effectiveness and the reporting of actionable measurements. These services include:

Awareness and engagement

Within organizations, creating awareness of health program availability and engaging participants in starting a program is essential to success. Without awareness and engagement, employees fail to utilize and benefit from health and wellness programs.

INTERVENT Canada encourages awareness by working with organizations to create and distribute customized marketing materials—including websites, posters, brochures and videos. We continuously test marketing materials and approaches to identify those that are most cost-effective and that lead to the best participation rate and health outcomes.

To encourage engagement, INTERVENT Canada assists clients with designing and deploying incentive schemes, and provides in-house lunch-and-learns with health professionals who explain the INTERxVENT program and its benefits, and have been found to increase participation.

In addition, INTERVENT Canada educates healthcare providers on preventive health and the INTERVENT program, to ensure INTERVENT participants are well supported by their physician.

Surveillance and stratification

With its extensive health screening and profiling capabilities, INTERVENT Canada allows organizations to cost-effectively survey large populations, stratify individuals based on health risks, and direct them to appropriate levels of care accordingly.

Each INTERxVENT participant must complete a health assessment covering factors including their blood and biometric data, medical history, lifestyle habits, medications and willingness to change behaviour.

By evaluating this information, we help organizations more cost-effectively deliver care to a population, ensuring that participants with the greatest health needs and willingness to change receive resources accordingly.

Program delivery and customization

After creating awareness, engaging participants and stratifying them according to risk, INTERVENT Canada supports program delivery through services including professional health mentorship and the customization of programs to organizations' specific needs.

INTERVENT programs cover nutrition, weight loss, exercise, stress and, if necessary, smoking. Organizations can customize programs, including to create corporately branded program portals and target specific health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Reporting and analytics

During and after program delivery, INTERVENT Canada provides employers and other health stakeholders with information that improves healthcare decision-making, resource allocation and return on investment. Using its database of health information (anonymously aggregated to protect privacy), INTERVENT Canada can track:

  • Behavioural compliance, such as where people are in their program, and which program elements have been completed. INTERxVENT Canada tracks participants objectively to confirm attentiveness and engagement throughout their program. This behavioural compliance tracking can help an organization determine when to intervene to ensure participants are optimally compliant.
  • Health outcomes, including measurements that chart improvements in health—not just participation. This includes personalized dashboards and condition- and risk-specific programs customized to an organization's needs, disability and disease management integrated with health risk improvement, programs that address the complete preventative health continuum, and inter-program integration.
  • Health service utilization, describing what health services participants are using most—including service providers and medications.
  • Productivity. As in the workplace itself, the importance of healthy and happy employees cannot be overstated in terms of its impact on productivity and quality of work. Moreover, the ongoing problem of unhealthy workers and the attendant costs cannot go ignored. Employees who are frequently ill, depressed and unhealthy cost their companies in a number of ways, including absenteeism, low productivity and high disability rates.
  • Return on investment. INTERVENT is able to generate reports that discuss an implementation's success. For example, it can be determined how many people within a corporation improved their health, how much weight they lost, and so forth; it's a tool allows that allows us to easily measure health outcomes within a defined population.
  • Additional metrics, such as access to service providers, identification of utilization patterns, differential access to service providers, geographical and ethnic limitations, age, gender, self-rated health, education and income, access, and levels of insurance, impact funding.

INTERVENT Canada also provides custom disease-management consulting services. To learn more about all of our program and service offerings, please contact us.

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