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Find out more about the documented benefits of our programs, including:

  • improvements in multiple risk factors
  • proven to improve diabetes
  • concordant with Canadian medical guidelines
  • self-reported health status
  • productivity
  • health care utilization
  • return on investment (ROI).

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Our Weight Management programs include Health Coaching which is covered by most flex benefits plans and is deductible as a medical expense on your tax return.

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Check out our evidence-based weight loss and weight management programs:

  • monitored by physicians belonging to INTERVENT's MD Network
  • includes Nestlés OPTIFAST meal replacement 
  • includes metabolic rate testing
  • safely supported by lab testing
  • coaching provided by Registered Dietitians, Pharmacists and other Health Professionals                                                                                                                                                                                                      Learn More

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  • Health Risk Assessments to stratify populations according to their health risks
  • Integrated Laboratory & Biometric testing 
  • Personalized goals and action plans
  • Educational kits to empower participants with physician-reviewed health knowledge
  • Health coaches offering telephone-based health counseling
  • Individual, physician and aggregate reporting

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